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Helping communities build resilience in children during a time of considerable upheaval

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Resilience: The Basics of a Concept Full article: image: getty


Builders Call For $13 Billion Stimulus Action Plan

A $13.2 billion building and construction stimulus action will stimulate over $30 billion in new economic activity and create more than 100,000 new jobs across the economy according to new economic EY modelling commissioned by Master Builders Australia.

Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders said, We are seeking stimulus not subsidies from government, we want National Cabinet to urgently implement this independently modelled stimulus package and establish a special task force to fast track commencement of construction activity…


Helping communities build resilience in children during a time of considerable upheaval

The past six months has seen Australians confront a catastrophic bushfire season followed immediately by a once-in-a-generation pandemic. Many children – particularly in regional Victoria and New South Wales – witnessed bushfires firsthand while others have seen images in the news of homes destroyed and livelihoods lost and now the effects of Covid 19 here and around the world. With so much disruption, what can parents and guardians, teachers and allied health professionals do to create supportive communities and build resilience and optimism in our children…

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