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Ten things you can learn from women’s resilience that will help you stay strong in the time of COVID-19

A Short Guide to Disaster Recovery for SMEs

Disaster can happen for any company, regardless of size. In terms of IT disasters, common issues result from malware (which may lead to your central database crashing), or hacker infiltration that can undermine your business firm’s security. Depending on where your company is located, natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, or tornados can be equally devastating to your business and IT infrastructure.

What’s the best action plan when disaster hits your organization?

Many businesses wrongly believe that creating a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a cumbersome and expensive process. While some cost is involved, it doesn’t compare to the losses incurred if your organization is hit badly without a disaster recovery plan in place…


Ten things you can learn from women’s resilience that will help you stay strong in the time of COVID-19

resilient women

“At the end of the day. we can endure much more than we think.” – Frida Kahlo

The new coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. With more than a billion people in lockdown, it has upended life as we knew. We don’t know what a better future would look like and when it’ll come.

During these uncertain and difficult times, we turn to women leaders from around the world for inspiration. They have forged peace when ravaged by war; they have driven innovation despite all odds; and they persisted in the face of challenges and insisted on building a better future.

To help keep us all going, we’re sharing some of our favourite inspirational quotes about perseverance and resilience…

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