Military psychologist explains why grit matters as much as intelligence

The New Normal: Building Resilience to Keep Business Moving

Providing regular updates on company best practices, including which platforms are approved for messaging and video conferencing, is one of the most practical steps an employer can take to mitigate risk.

The past couple of months have brought unprecedented challenges that have interrupted our everyday lives and the way we do business. According to a survey by, 90% of Ireland’s employees are currently working from home, and with this new normal set to continue for some time, business leaders and IT professionals must identify new solutions to keep their employees operating efficiently. For employers, having any percentage – let alone the majority – of a workforce suddenly working remotely means that the right security solutions and best practice guidelines must be in place in order to ensure continuity of business…


Military psychologist explains why grit matters as much as intelligence

Many of the traditional steps on the academic or professional ladder revolve around intellectual aptitude: standardized tests, SATs and ACTs, college GPA, the MCAT or GRE… the list goes on.

But in the last few decades, researchers have suggested people underestimate the power of non-cognitive attributes like motivation, attitude, and especially grit…


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