7 ways to rebuild Australian resilience

Hundreds of preexisting plans deal with individual natural-disaster scenarios. But these plans haven’t accounted for COVID-19 happening at the same time. Image credit: Maxwell Burnstein Full story:


Making Art Will Keep Your Brain Resilient as You Age

Making art can help keep your mental faculties strong as you age, according to a new study out of Germany. For the experiment, researchers began by scanning the brains of 28 individuals aged 62 to 70 and asking them to answer questions such as “Can you usually find something to laugh about?” and “Does your belief in yourself get you through hard times?”. In the next ten weeks, half the group was given art-making classes in which “they were introduced to various painting and drawing techniques, and then created their own artworks,” while the other group took art appreciation classes, learning how to analyze paintings and participate in group discussions…


7 ways to rebuild Australian resilience

The flipside of crisis is opportunity. The past six months have seen two extraordinary stressor events play out across Australia with devastating impacts – the eastern Australian drought and bushfires, closely followed by Covid-19.

The good news is that as we move into recovery mode, we have the ability and opportunity to enact a series of practical steps in our communities and country to build economic and social resilience, reduce costs to the economy and help rebuild our personal, household and national coffers.

This is particularly important with the likelihood of more disruptor events in future, which will undoubtedly occur in a heating climate. Australia’s response to Covid has been swift, decisive and admirable. Can we take this mindset and transform our households, communities and country to meet looming climate challenges and other disruptions?

Here are seven overlapping strategies that can be implemented across Australian cities and communities, build resilience, save money and create a healthier and cleaner future for Australia…

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