Building Organizational Resilience Through Learning

When a Black Swan Comes

“we live in such complex world, that we cannot forecast what’s going to happen next.” – Paul Theron

The Second Line of Defense team have been involved in crises management situations throughout their careers. And crises management is a key issue in which the team is both interested and has published several inputs.

During a trip to Europe in November 2011, SLD’s Robbin Laird sat down with Paul Theron of the Thales Group to discuss his work on the challenge of crafting resilient organizations. Theron is head of a working group within Thales, which addressed the key challenges surrounding collapse and response in crisis situations. The group has focused on the challenge, in general, and within telecommunications infrastructures in particular….


Building Organizational Resilience Through Learning

The staggering impact of COVID-19 has been felt around the world. The pandemic has turned our professional and personal lives upside down, leaving no business, leader, or individual unaffected.

For organizations still able to continue some semblance of normal operations, there are countless considerations and decisions required to ensure workforce safety, wellness, and productivity. Most organizations are relying on online resources to support their employees as they continue to work, learn, and lead in this new reality. With remote workforces, the invaluable informal learning that previously happened in the office between coworkers is greatly minimized, and access to learning content must be much more deliberate…


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