Having A Trustworthy Boss Is Good, But Being Resilient Is Better

This Pandemic Has Exposed The Missing Piece In Employee Engagement

The current pandemic and scores of employees working remotely have shown that employee engagement is not entirely dependent on having a great manager, but it is dependent on employees’ personal outlooks and mindsets.

In fact, new employee engagement research reveals that employees’ mindsets (like resilience, optimism, etc.) actually matter more than having a great manager.

It’s been a truism for decades that if you want high employee engagement, you need to have great managers; leaders who can coach, praise, value and listen to employees. And while great managers are certainly worthwhile, the pandemic and new research have exposed the limitations of the manager-centric view of employee engagement…


Having A Trustworthy Boss Is Good, But Being Resilient Is Better

It’s a truism that trusting one’s boss leads to more highly engaged employees. And on the left scatterplot below, you can see that trusting one’s boss does explain about 22% of an employee’s inspiration at work. So that’s good.

But now look at the employee’s Self-Engagement. The scatterplot on the right shows that having high Resilience (i.e. surviving difficult times with little trouble), explains 25% of an employee’s inspiration at work. That’s better…


4 Strategies To Build Resilience & Find Peace In Stressful Times

“A key component of resilience is focusing attention on the good things that are happening, rather than just focusing on the negative and your challenging situation.” Monica Ramunda Photo: getty

Building resilience can help you manage challenges in your life and thrive during uncertainty.

How can you stay calm and positive when you are presented daily with catastrophic news of the coronavirus spreading, the unemployment of our workforce, and the distress of our world economies?

It feels like a tall order. However, it is possible to find peace during challenging times by learning how to build resilience in your daily life.

By using techniques of resilience, you gain the ability to “bounce back” and live your life the way you want and deserve…

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