9/11 or coronavirus, which one is the biggest disaster for America so far?

9/11 or coronavirus, which one is the biggest disaster for America so far?

Nearly two decades after Manhattan’s Twin Towers fell in history’s deadliest attack on US soil, the coronavirus pandemic is once again testing the storied mettle of New Yorkers.

The September 11, 2001 terror attack on the World Trade Center left nearly 3,000 people dead and shocked the city with its devastation. In comparison, New Yorkers say the deadly coronavirus pandemic, which has likely killed some 16,000 in the city, is more of a “slow cancer.” “9-11 was supposed to be the darkest day in New York for a generation,” said New York state’s governor Andrew Cuomo during one of his recent press briefings.

But with the virus’s spread the governor said “there was no explosion, but it was a silent explosion that just ripples through society.” “With the same randomness, the same evil.” Like Cuomo, many New Yorkers have been evoking 9-11 in comparison to the rapid spread of coronavirus, which has ravaged the densely populated city home to some 8 million people….


Battered By Matthew And Florence, NC Must Brace For More Intense Storms

Hurricane Florence heads toward North Carolina in September 2018. NASA

Across the low-lying coastal plains of North Carolina, it’s not uncommon to see abandoned homes ruined by the floodwaters of Hurricane Florence two years ago in September.

Their doors and windows are missing, with piles of trash and carpeting in the yards, serving as a reminder of what can happen when a major hurricane stalls out over land, dumping more than 30 inches of rain.

With scientists predicting an above-average Atlantic hurricane season this year, a new North Carolina Climate Science Report warns that the state needs to brace for a future of wetter and more intense hurricanes, plus other climate disruptions.

The report, produced by independent climate scientists based in North Carolina, was called for as part of a climate change strategy developed by the state’s Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, which marks a sharp departure from previous North Carolina governors…


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