A Paradigm Shift Accelerated by the Coronavirus

With the prevalence of earthquakes, flooding and other catastrophic events seemingly on the up, there has been talk of a ‘disaster economy’ emerging. Image: A recipe for disaster: in 2019 alone, Typhoon Hagibis in Japan and monsoon flooding in China each caused $15bn in damage Full story: https://www.worldfinance.com/featured/charting-the-rise-of-the-disaster-economy


Hurricanes to become SLOWER and more damaging, researchers warn

HURRICANES with the potential to unleash more damage will become more common in the future thanks to human-caused global warming, researchers have claimed. Slow-moving hurricanes can cause more damage to an area as they dwell longer in one spot, inflicting more catastrophe. Unfortunately, these will become more frequent in the future due to the warming planet, experts have said. Almost 100 computer simulations were run to determine how the climate might look if the Earth warmed by 4C – something which is entirely feasible by the end of the century if fossil fuel usage is not curbed.

The simulations found a 4C temperature rise will cause the westerlies – strong currents blowing through the midlatitudes – to head towards the poles…


A Paradigm Shift Accelerated by the Coronavirus

Even before the arrival of COVID-19, humanity found itself stuck in several crises at once. The current shock delivered by the coronavirus could accelerate a paradigm shift that was already underway. It may result in a better and more sustainable world. The world that we still considered to be “normal” back in February has collapsed in an historically unprecedented crash. Half of humanity is currently adhering to some form of lockdown protocols and every single continent has been affected – poor regions and wealthy regions, urban areas and rural ones. Huge portions of the global economy have come to a grinding halt and 180 countries around the world that just a few weeks ago were experiencing economic growth and rising prosperity have now plunged into a deep recession…


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