How to build your digital resilience in 2020

Why an emergency management mindset boosts resilience

“Resilience is at the heart of the business and workforce models in the emergency management sector…. businesses that embrace this approach are best placed to bounce back.”

When disaster strikes, it’s easy to fall into the cycle of day-to-day response and survival. Never has this been truer than when we consider industry and business leaders’ entrenched pandemic response: protecting critical services, moving to remote working arrangements, and embracing digital engagement solutions.

Yes, a swift response is vital, but if we are to future proof our industries and organisations, it is not enough. We need to start thinking differently and to learn from how the emergency management sector responds to emergencies. And it isn’t by dusting off their business continuity plans and hoping for the best…


How to build your digital resilience in 2020

As Justin Trudeau said in Davos in 2018 “The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.”

And this has never been truer than today. The way we live, work, communicate, socially interact and educate our children has drastically changed in just a couple of short weeks. And one of the impacts of these changes is that we are more reliant on digital technology than ever.

Technology has really come into its own now, and shows us what social media and technology were originally developed to do. We have never been in a better technological landscape to cope with isolation and self-quarantine. And as with any major change or upheaval, our resilience will be tested. And our own digital resilience is no different…



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