How the Economy Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Risk and Resilience in the Days of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Today, an interest in the period of history known as the Great Depression is revived under conditions of a plague-like virus that is threatening human life and livelihood across the world. The knowledge that so many will die and so many will be burying loved ones is frightening. The young and old alike are having nightmares and anxiety attacks. Given the risk to health care workers of contracting the disease and exposing their families, the stress to these professionals is considerable. Their constant exposure to death and intense suffering can be unendurable and traumatic as they fight against time to save people who can no longer breathe on their own…


How the Economy Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic

“We should have learned the lesson of resilience from the 2008 financial crisis.” – Joseph Stiglitz Image credit: Brian Stauffer illustration for Foreign Policy

After many weeks of lockdowns, tragic loss of life, and the shuttering of much of the global economy, radical uncertainty is still the best way to describe this historical moment. Will businesses reopen and jobs come back? Will we travel again? Will the flood of money from central banks and governments be enough to prevent a deep and lasting recession, or worse?

This much is certain: The pandemic will lead to permanent shifts in political and economic power in ways that will become apparent only later.

To help us make sense of the ground shifting beneath our feet, Foreign Policy asked nine leading thinkers, including two Nobel-Prize-winning economists, to weigh in with their predictions for the economic and financial order after the pandemic…

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