Many responders in emotional distress one year after hurricane in Puerto Rico, study finds

India disasters
India Is The Country That Is Most Prone To Natural Disasters Full story:

The Guardian view on a Covid-19 government: failing to do the job

Coronavirus is a disaster that we should have been prepared for, because it was expected. In 2015, the government’s national risk register of potential calamities calculated that there was between a one in 20 and a one in two chance of pandemic influenza hitting the United Kingdom within five years, with catastrophic results. You would not bet against those odds. But we did.

Rather than using the risk assessment to justify major investments, the country stockpiled an inadequate supply of masks, ventilators and gowns in hospitals, and body bags in mortuaries. A dearth of such essentials puts the lives of doctors, nurses and care workers at risk, and causes unbearable sadness. Instead of saying sorry for the shortages, ministers use the shameful evasion of acknowledging their regret if the public feels let down. A sincere ministerial apology is long overdue…


Many responders in emotional distress one year after hurricane in Puerto Rico, study finds

Health care and social service providers who assisted victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico had double the rates of post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety symptoms nearly a year after the disaster compared with peers who helped victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, a new study found.

More than 49% of the workers in Puerto Rico met the diagnostic criteria for PTSD almost a year after the disaster, compared with about 20% of their peers in Texas, according to assessments of 1,100 of these workers conducted by researcher Tara M. Powell, a social work professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Powell studies people’s coping after natural disasters and the effectiveness of interventions to help them.

In a study published in the journal Traumatology, Powell’s group analyzed the first wave of data from an intervention designed to promote resilience…

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