How to ensure organizational resilience in the age of COVID-19

Satellite images reveal Cyclone Harold’s path of destruction in Vanuatu

Photo: Many homes and buildings have been severely damaged or destroyed, including the Lycee Luganville school. (Supplied: Maxar Technologies)

Satellite images have revealed the scale of destruction in Vanuatu after category-five Cyclone Harold struck the island nation this week.

Satellite imagery provided by Maxar Technologies show before and after images of the island of Espiritu Santo and the main city of Luganville.

This once lush island was largely stripped of vegetation by the storm and many homes and buildings have been severely damaged or destroyed.

Anglican Bishop James Tama said 5,000 people were made homeless on Espiritu Santo by the impact of Cyclone Harold…


How to ensure organizational resilience in the age of COVID-19

Even before the ravages of COVID-19, organizational resilience was vital to any business. But now — with a possible recession on the horizon — resilience is a strategic imperative for business survival.

As a term, “resilience” is often subject to misunderstanding. Gartner defines organizational resilience as “the ability of an organization to resist, absorb, recover and adapt to business disruption in an ever-changing and increasingly complex environment to enable it to deliver its objectives, and rebound and prosper.”

Organizational resilience isn’t synonymous with information technology disaster recovery, or IT DR, nor business continuity management, or BCM. In practice, organizational resilience can be seen as a lens on enterprise risk management or ERM programs.

Organizational resilience is the hallmark of successful enterprises, informing their leadership, culture, governance and all their business interactions. It is a continuous commitment that enables businesses to resume peak performance quickly after a shock or upset — such as the one we’re going through now…


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