The 10 Deadliest Disasters In American History

Cyclone Harold batters Fiji, flattening homes and flooding towns

The National Disaster Management Office said residents along much of the south coast, home to many of the country’s major tourist resorts, should evacuate [IFRC/AFP]
A deadly Pacific storm slammed Fiji on Wednesday, tearing off roofs and flooding towns in the capital Suva days after the category-five cyclone hit the island of Vanuatu.

Cyclone Harold passed over Fiji’s south at about midday, levelling homes and snapping communications links in the archipelago, which has adopted curbs on the movement of people to rein in the coronavirus…


The 10 Deadliest Disasters In American History

COVID-19 is officially omnipresent. It’s a part of every conversation, news broadcast, social media post, and internet “water cooler chat.”

As the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, it seems foreign to even think about what we did before we quarantined. Driving to work, going to restaurants, and watching March Madness all seem a world away now.

But before this life-altering pandemic, there have been other disasters. Hurricanes. Fires. Terrorist attacks. Floods. Dozens of different man-made and natural disasters of all flavors, wreaking havoc and claiming lives.

Because we’ve exclusively had the coronavirus under the microscope for the last few months, I thought it would be interesting to widen our focus to look at some of the other disasters our nation has known. In the name of widening the focus from our current situation, I specifically haven’t included pandemics or epidemics on this list. Wars have also been excluded…

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