In Houston, Coronavirus Tests A City Known For Its Resilience

supply chain resilience
The Importance of Supply Chain Resilience Full story:


Fears for wildlife recovery after bushfires as coronavirus crisis stymies scientists’ fieldwork

Scientists are being forced to shut down or scale back fieldwork to assess the impact of last summer’s devastating bushfires on threatened species amid the coronavirus crisis, prompting concerns it could affect wildlife recovery.

Several universities have shut down fieldwork to comply with restrictions on travel and physical contact and government agencies working on the recovery have had to scale back some of their operations.

Urgent work such as feral-animal baiting has been able to continue in many fire-hit regions, and departments have adjusted their working methods to use local contractors rather than fly their own teams into locations such as Kangaroo Island, where there have been calls for a ban on non-essential travel…


In Houston, Coronavirus Tests A City Known For Its Resilience

Houston has endured the oil bust of the 1980s, the fraud and collapse of energy trading company Enron and multiple storms and floods that come year after year. But the novel coronavirus has unnerved even residents who’ve weathered other disasters. In some ways, Drew Heyen thought he had grown numb to disasters. His family’s ranch-style home flooded nine times in 17 years, including two weeks before Hurricane Harvey and during the storm itself.

Heyen figured the house would keep on flooding, since it bordered a gully. So together with his wife and two kids, he tried to prepare as much as possible…

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