Hurricane Season On Top Of A Pandemic Will Be A Nightmare

Successful Aging: These are traits that help older adults in times of crisis

Portrait of athletic mature woman resting after jogging outdoors at park
Older adults have a wealth of traits that help in tough times. (iStock)

Given the COVID-19 environment, it seems timely to identify the strengths older adults can rely upon to help cope with this unprecedented time. The literature provides a variety of age-related traits that can work in our favor. Check if some of these apply to you or your loved ones.

Resilience. Older adults have the capacity for resilience. By resilience, we mean recovering from difficult experiences, the ability to bounce back. In general, older adults adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or sources of stress. An article in the journal Geriatric Nursing cited research suggesting that older adults are capable of being resilient despite their socioeconomic background, personal experiences and declining health. Other research suggests that resilience is related to physical fitness, social support, engaged lifestyles and even genetic factors…


Hurricane Season On Top Of A Pandemic Will Be A Nightmare

Hurricane season is two months away. And the latest forecast for the 2020 hurricane season shows that the Atlantic is likely to see an above-average number of hurricanes. Meanwhile, the coronavirus doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, which could unleash a nightmare scenario.

Colorado State University released its annual hurricane season forecast Thursday, and the findings are pretty unnerving during these times of economic and physical uncertainty. Living in a world struck by a highly contagious virus is hard enough. But adding devastating hurricanes to the mix? That’s another level of heartbreak…


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