The Covid-19 crisis too few are talking about: health care workers’ mental health

The Covid-19 crisis too few are talking about: health care workers’ mental health

In the midst of this global pandemic, people are talking about the urgent and critical need for personal protective equipment. They are sharing concerns about the impending lack of respirators and the need for testing. And they are encouraging people to #flattenthecurve through social distancing. But no one is talking about a potential mental health crisis facing health care workers on the frontlines of this pandemic.

To an outside observer, health care workers look strong and resilient in the face of the unknown. They inspire us as they go to work every day, at great personal risk, to keep others safe.

But, as a psychiatrist, I spend much of my life observing and listening — I know that their calm surface appearance is the only armor they have left. Underneath it, many health care workers are barely keeping it together…


In a Time of Crisis, Her Voice Was the One That Galvanized Alaska

this is chance
Mooallem delivers a moving tribute to the spirit of community in the face of disaster.

Journalist Mooallem (Wild Ones) vividly dramatizes the impact of the 9.2-magnitude Great Alaska Earthquake on the residents of Anchorage in this poignant chronicle. Striking “just before sundown” on March 27, 1964, the earthquake shut down the electrical grid and sent “four-foot-high ground waves” rolling through city streets. Mooallem centers his narrative on local reporter Genie Chance, who was running an errand with her 13-year-old son when the earthquake hit. After dropping him at home with her husband and two younger children, Chance headed to the collapsed J.C. Penney department store downtown to photograph the damage. As soon as her radio station returned to the air, she began broadcasting from the mobile unit in her car, sharing reports from civic leaders, issuing a tsunami warning, and reassuring her listeners “that the world had not come to an end.” She later estimated that she talked for 30 hours straight, and Mooallem credits her and numerous other municipal officials…



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