Hope and resilience

Resilience can defeat virus, experts say

shared humanity
Professor Nick Titov: “One thing this pandemic is highlighting is our shared humanity.”

Many of us have already lost or fear losing our jobs, others have fallen sick and some have even died. Everyone has been dislocated from family and friends without knowing for how long.

What might not be so apparent, though, is that COVID-19 has exacted a huge toll on us emotionally too. MindSpot, Australia’s first free national online mental health clinic, has seen a huge uptick in people accessing its services since the coronavirus crisis began.

There’s been a 75 per cent jump in its personal interactions with clients, a doubling of hits on its websites and more than a quarter-of-a-million worried Australians are visiting its Facebook and Instagram pages daily…


Hope and resilience

Amid this new era, I still believe every cloud has a silver lining. As the government implements community lockdowns and home quarantines to contain the spread of the disease, I see people stepping up to help others. People in the frontlines sacrifice their health to honor their duties and serve. Many companies disregard profits and contribute money to national efforts aimed at flattening the curve of infection. The government is releasing billions in funds to support around 18 million low-income households for two months.

Several established companies donated food, disinfectants and transportation to frontliners. Others distributed food packs to poor communities, where the source of livelihood was suddenly cut. And there are those that provided shelter and food to hospital staff so they can continue to serve others…

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