What a Coronavirus Restoration Might Look Like

Pop up mall a boost for resilient community

The opening today of Mogo’s pop up shopping mall, a Business Council project to re-house bushfire destroyed small businesses, is testament to the local community’s resilience and signals hope for a stronger future.

“The mall, a BizRebuild project in conjunction with the local community, is a small ray of sunshine for local business owners devastated by recent bushfires and now hit with the double whammy of the coronavirus, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.

“In times of crisis a sense of community can help build hope and shine a light on the road to recovery, giving Mogo a big boost to its town centre can help do that…


What a Coronavirus Restoration Might Look Like

City resilience is the power or capability of a metropolis to outlive and thrive in face of catastrophe, any form of catastrophe. It seems that the capacities that cities — or states, or nations — have to survive and thrive within the face of all these completely different threats are fairly broad.

Now, as a worldwide disaster unfolds within the type of coronavirus, Berkowitz is making an attempt to assume forward as he shelters at dwelling in New York Metropolis. He’s on the lookout for indicators of how communities will survive the aftermath, in addition to for alternatives to strengthen resilience now within the face of social and financial disruption.

“The secret’s to consider linking varied targets collectively,” he stated over the telephone. “How can one specific intervention reach strengthening a metropolis throughout a number of completely different areas?”

Berkowitz, who additionally served as deputy commissioner of New York Metropolis’s workplace of emergency administration within the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist assaults and has executed world danger administration at Deutsche Financial institution, spoke with CityLab over the telephone on Thursday. This interview has been edited and condensed for readability…


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