Looking Ahead—100 Quotes on Strength and Resilience to Help Get Us Through Tough Times

Coronavirus anxiety: cognitive therapist says one word can help ease your feelings

Coronavirus anxiety is live and kicking in most of us right now, but a cognitive therapist suggests one word that can help with spiralling thoughts.

If you’re anything like us, the coronavirus crisis will be bringing a riot of emotions to the surface at the moment.

One minute you’re feeling positive and pumped up, fuelled by stories of community kindness and this brilliant NHS of ours.

The next minute, you’re full of nagging dread, wondering when the tempest will ever end – and what the world will look like when it does….


Looking Ahead—100 Quotes on Strength and Resilience to Help Get Us Through Tough Times

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” This popular quote has been widely shared with slightly different variations (some attributed to Robin Williams, Plato, Ian Maclaren, etc.), but they all contain the same blaring truth—there are countless challenges surrounding ourselves and our communities. Even in the midst of a global pandemic like the current Coronavirus outbreak, each individual and each family has their own set of personal struggles and concerns (related to the virus, or not). But there is courage and hope to be found in every obstacle that we face, and these 100 quotes for tough times will help us get through our collective and personal tough times.

Whether you are pressing on with focused determination, feeling overwhelmed with so much of the unknown, resting firmly in your faith, struggling with anxiety, or all of the above—going through difficult circumstances can bring forth new, burdensome challenges to navigate. When the afflictions you’re dealing with seem too severe and unmanageable, remember that you are not alone, you are stronger than you realize, it is more than okay to ask for help, and spring is coming (right now literally, but oftentimes figuratively)…


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