Resilient Leadership Is Successful In Uncertain Times

god in pandemic
Where Is God in a Pandemic? Services have been canceled at St. Catherine of Siena Church on the Upper East Side, but sanitizing wipes are available for those who come to pray. Credit…Damon Winter/The New York Times Full story:

After the Avalanche

In January 1995, an avalanche hit the small town of Súðavík in the Westfjords. The town was decimated, and out of the 227 inhabitants, 14 people died. Some were rescued, including a teenage boy who spent 23 hours buried under the snow.

In October that same year, another avalanche hit Flateyri, a town of 350 people about a half an hour’s drive away. This time, 20 people were lost. The two avalanches were not only a blow to those affected, but to the nation as a whole. In the decades since, energy and funds have been spent building up anti-avalanche earthworks to prevent such disasters from happening again…


Resilient Leadership Is Successful In Uncertain Times

We all know times are tough. Chaotic crises like the global pandemic can cause many startups to avoid investing and growing their business out of fear of the unknown. Instead, entrepreneurs should be encouraged to embrace adversity through radical resilience.

I’m not talking about unhealthy behavior. We all must do our part to keep others safe by obeying the recommendations to fight the spread of COVID-19.

But for those willing to swim upstream regarding business investments, adversity can eventually translate into enormous opportunity. A startup that survives an economic downturn is better positioned to take advantage of an uptick when the market progresses…

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