China’s resilience against COVID-19

‘This Is an Unprecedented Disaster’: Art Schools Are Scrambling to Develop Contingency Plans for Students as Education Moves Online


As governments around the world race to catch up with the novel coronavirus and the havoc it is wreaking on health care systems and the world economy, art schools throughout the US have their own problem: figuring out how to educate students while keeping them, faculty, and staff safe.

“This is an unprecedented disaster,” says Deborah Obalil, executive director of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design, a membership organization of 39 schools throughout the US and Canada.

“While institutions have many disaster plans in place for immediate disruptions to the campus, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, or tornadoes, the constantly changing directives from local, state, and federal health authorities mean that institutions are having to quickly adjust for the safety and well-being of their campus communities.”

None of the five art schools contacted by Artnet News had reported any COVID-19 cases among their communities, and Obalil says she has heard…


China’s resilience against COVID-19

When a nation faces unprecedented challenges, people explore hidden reserves of courage and resilience to demonstrate to the world and to multiply their abilities to fight all odds. Nations rise and shine in difficult times, with men and women together rebuild and march forward. Valued and respected globally, China’s rapid disaster management response in the outbreak of coronavirus, named officially as COVID-19, is amazingly swift, having appropriate professionalism by Chinese health professionals fighting at the front line like heroes.

With the rise in global infections, the death toll has climbed to more than 5,000 and the “one in a century pathogen” has spread its wings in every continent except Antarctica; countries are learning from the Chinese experience once again. The Chinese nation is coming out resilient with reduction in the number of confirmed cases; there are many people who have been discharged from hospitals. Some historic health initiatives have been taken, including world’s first lung transplant, building in record time hospitals dedicated to COVID-19, quarantining entire cities and province against the outbreak, and many more….


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