Study shows migrant teens are more resilient to trauma than other youths

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NSW bushfire crisis survivors find resilience, optimism along road to recovery

But despite the devastation and the loss, there is hope — even an opportunity for personal growth.

It might sound insensitive to some, but clinical psychologist David Younger has witnessed the transition from trauma to positivity though firsthand experience of the Black Saturday fires in Victoria 11 years ago.

As the victims of Australia’s latest bushfire crisis come to terms with the devastation, Mr Younger wants to remind them that, while rebuilding their lives is challenging, it can lead to personal growth.

Mr Younger has been visiting communities affected by bushfires to offer tips on getting through the challenges ahead and to instil optimism and hope in those piecing their lives back together…


Study shows migrant teens are more resilient to trauma than other youths

A new study has found that migrant teenagers who have moved within their own country or overseas are more resilient and better able to recover from trauma than teenagers who have not moved from their hometown.

Researchers at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) compared the mental health and wellbeing of youths aged 10-17 in order to identify whether migrants or non-migrants are better able to function after experiencing trauma.

The global study, published in Frontiers, examined 194 youths who were born in or had migrated to: Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand (NZ), South Africa and the United Kingdom (UK).

“Our study showed youths who have migrated from their hometowns have higher levels of wellbeing and resilience following trauma experienced in the previous year. In comparison, non-migrant adolescents, who had not moved from their birthplace, had lower levels of wellbeing and resilience following trauma exposure,” said Dr Justine Gatt at NeuRA who led the study…



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