Why cyber resilience should be a priority for every business – and how to get there

Celebrities Who Have Donated to Places Devastated By Natural Disasters Image credit: Gettyimages | Rich Fury Full story: https://theblast.com/118802/celebrities-who-have-donated-to-places-devastated-by-natural-dis

After Tornado, Nashville Braces for Disaster Capitalism

Early on the morning of March 3, hours after a tornado devastated parts of Nashville, Anne Barnett grabbed her chainsaw and got to work.

A friend with a truck drove with her to North Nashville, a predominantly African American neighborhood that was struck especially hard by the storm. Felled trees blocked the roads. Telephone poles were snapped in two. Downed power lines snaked across streets. Other volunteers showed up with heavy work gloves and trucks, ready to help haul tree limbs away. It was hard to know where to start or where to go, Barnett says, because the damage stretched in every direction…


Why cyber resilience should be a priority for every business – and how to get there

Hurricane Katrina, the Category 5 hurricane that struck Florida and Louisiana in 2005, was the most destructive natural disaster in US history. According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm wrought a staggering $125 billion in damage.

Compare this figure with the potential losses from a large-scale, global cyberattack: experts predict this could cost an estimated $120 billion.

The “NotPetya” ransomware attack, for example, has cost businesses a total of $10 billion and counting, according to White House estimates. The price continues to rise two years after the incident, as insurance claims are litigated…


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