How Resilient Are You at Work?

Office politics most common cause of workplace stress

Perkbox research examines the changing landscape of work-related stress for UK employees

A study of 1,815 employees has found that work-related office politics (37%) are the most common cause of workplace stress, alongside a lack of interdepartmental communications (34%).

Worryingly the research revealed that 79% of UK employed adults commonly experience work-related stress – compared to 59% in 2018. Another common reason for it was the work of junior colleagues (33%) and employees’ own performance (31%). Poor company culture was also to blame (18%).

Just 1% stated they never experience workplace stress, while long working hours dropped to from top in 2018 to the 7th most cause of it as it appears employers are taking steps to tackle this.

Working from home policies were found to be still the most popular way that workplace leaders attempt to assist their employees’ work-life balance, with the amount of workplaces offering this benefit rising from 21% in 2018 to 39% in 2020. This was followed by flexible working hours (37%) and counselling services for staff (33%) as ways to help manage workplace stress in place at companies. However just 11% of workplaces provide stress management and resilience training, the research found…


How Resilient Are You at Work?

In her keynote address, soccer megastar Megan Rapinoe showcased her resilience firsthand to the crowd of approximately 10,000 attendees – the largest gathering of women on the West Coast, according to conference organizers – detailing some of the challenges in her fight for equal pay for female soccer players. The two-time World Cup champion and co-captain of the U.S. Women’s National Team has served as a leader among 28 players who sued the United States Soccer Federation for gender discrimination in pay….


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