Most Americans are not prepared for a disaster. Now survival kits are all over Instagram.

How to Achieve Resilient Growth Throughout the Business Cycle

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Look no further than the companies that rapidly bucked the 2008 financial crisis – Apple, Amazon, Salesforce, Cirque du Soleil, or even the U.K. charity, Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day. All achieved a rapid bounce back and exceptional growth despite the economic crisis. Image credit: conceptualmotion/Getty Images

The world is currently in the longest business cycle since the National Bureau of Economic Research has kept records. Investors, executives, and policy makers scratch their heads in wonder as they try to make sense of this new phenomenon. The question many companies want to know is where are we in the business cycle? Are we at the peak with growth about to come tumbling down, or still on the climb where rising growth levels can be expected?

In the U.S. there are clear indicators that we may be at the peak. These include the lowest unemployment in 50 years, rising incomes across all races and job levels, a stock market that continues to reach historic highs (even with the recent volatility sparked by the spread of coronavirus), and a GDP that has been expanding for more than 10 years, beating other expansion cycles. Simultaneously, we see other indicators associated with the trough of the business cycle, including low interest rates and low inflation….


Most Americans are not prepared for a disaster. Now survival kits are all over Instagram.

“I’ve always wanted to put together a box that has everything you need in case of an emergency,” Kim Kardashian confessed to me from her Instagram Stories in late January, her disembodied voice narrating the opening of a massive orange crate. The praise was echoed by her mom, Kris, and sister, Kourtney, both posting their own unboxing videos showing off kits designed to support self-sufficiency after disaster.

It was a bit odd to see the Kardashians pivot from pushing detox tea to preaching the preparedness gospel, but they weren’t the only influencers lining up behind the idea. Popular accounts, including those of Olivia Culpo, Nyle DiMarco, Comments by Celebs, Haylie Duff, WeWoreWhat, Makeup by Mario, and not one but two Real Housewives of New Jersey, posted Stories or photos featuring their own orange gear, part of a new line of preparedness kits called Judy…


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