Ecological Existential Dread: We Need to Talk about our Feelings

13 Disasters That Might Threatened the World in 2020 Full story: Image: Adam Reeder/Flickr

Ecological Existential Dread: We Need to Talk about our Feelings

Just as the smoke disperses from fire-ravaged parts of the world, the spectre of ecological breakdown is creeping into humanity’s collective psyche. Whether that manifests as a bit of anxiety or full-on dread of mass extinction, we need to start talking about our feelings. If we don’t, we may avoid rather than confront the reforms needed for the planet to continue supporting life.

As a university instructor in Canada, I increasingly hear from students how the notion of financial “retirement security” seems decadent to them. A recent Washington Post article highlighted the sentiment among today’s youth: “We won’t die from old age,” read a placard at an environmental protest. “We’ll die from climate change.” Indeed, youth around the world are concerned about what to do when the weather starts ravaging food, water, and energy systems on a more widespread and permanent basis…


Coastal resilience challenges seek innovative business ideas from Hampton Roads

As flooding issues continue to plague residents of Hampton Roads, another opportunity is under way to help solve it: the 2020 RISE Coastal Community Resilience Challenges.

RISE, a Virginia-based nonprofit focused on seeking solutions to the problems coastal communities face with sea level rise and recurrent flooding, is offering $2 million to fund entrepreneurs with startup business plans aimed at procuring solutions to solve six coastal Virginia flooding and environmental challenges….

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