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Monthly Archives: March, 2020

What a Coronavirus Restoration Might Look Like

Pop up mall a boost for resilient community The opening today of Mogo’s pop up shopping mall, a Business Council project to re-house bushfire destroyed small businesses, is testament to … Continue reading

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Why the White House, and Business, Should Heed the Waffle House Index

Study to capture experiences of pregnant women during disasters Pregnancy is stressful at the best of times and the last six months have been anything but ideal. Now researchers from … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead—100 Quotes on Strength and Resilience to Help Get Us Through Tough Times

Coronavirus anxiety: cognitive therapist says one word can help ease your feelings If you’re anything like us, the coronavirus crisis will be bringing a riot of emotions to the surface … Continue reading

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Resilient Leadership Is Successful In Uncertain Times

After the Avalanche In January 1995, an avalanche hit the small town of Súðavík in the Westfjords. The town was decimated, and out of the 227 inhabitants, 14 people died. … Continue reading

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COVID-19 dubbed a “natural disaster” by U.S. credit agencies. Take steps now to protect your finances

  Force Majeure: The Lasting Fight In The Wake Of Coronavirus Regardless of whether you subscribe to a specific faith or belief system, the phrase “Act of God” is one … Continue reading

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Why resilience is the key to future security

Why resilience is the key to future security Resilience is at the heart of information security. As threats adapt and evolve and we accept that systems will be compromised, it … Continue reading

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Weathering COVID-19: financial resilience

Business continuity: Coronavirus crisis puts CIOs’ plans to the test As the Covid-19 coronavirus rattles industries, it’s more important than ever for IT leaders to ensure employees have the tools … Continue reading

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New study: Workplace Stress Management Market forecasts till 2025

How to Expand Your Company’s Resilience Zone During the Coronavirus Crisis Crisis management is the unsung skill required of great leaders. It’s often overlooked–until a situation like the one confronting … Continue reading

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Doing the Dirty Work: Resilience Workers Deserve Better

Covid-19 is exposing America’s resilience—and vulnerability IT IS HARD to pick the best illustration of the administration’s failings on covid-19. There have been so many. Having been in the crowd … Continue reading

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Climate prediction study reveals a better way to prepare for natural disasters

Tackling the disproportionate impact of disasters on women The Philippines is the most susceptible country in the world to climate change hazards and ranks third highest in exposure to disaster … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Puts Our Resilience to the Test

  Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina: Some populations at higher risk during COVID-19 pandemic Michael Zakour, professor of social work at West Virginia University, lived through Hurricane Katrina and studied … Continue reading

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What is COVID-19 doing to our mental health?

Should you consider “natural disasters” when looking for a home? Location is one of the biggest considerations Australians typically take note of when buying a home, but with recent events … Continue reading

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China’s resilience against COVID-19

‘This Is an Unprecedented Disaster’: Art Schools Are Scrambling to Develop Contingency Plans for Students as Education Moves Online As governments around the world race to catch up with the … Continue reading

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5.7 magnitude earthquake in Utah knocks out power to thousands and diverts flights

Magnitude 6.4 earthquake strikes south of Bali, Indonesia: EMSC An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck south of Bali, Indonesia, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said on Wednesday. The quake … Continue reading

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The pandemic highlights the man-made disasters to come

What to do when you’re cooped up at home For the next few weeks, many of us here in Ireland – and possibly where you are — will feel like … Continue reading

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Artistic Response to Natural Disasters: The Case of New Orleans

Japan’s experience with earthquakes can help teach us to learn to live with floods The intense rainfall from storms this winter has caused severe flooding in numerous cities across the … Continue reading

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Protecting Wetlands Yields Staggering Economic Benefit, Study Finds

At least five people dead as thunderstorms cause widespread flooding across Egypt Thunderstorms packing heavy rains and lightning caused widespread flooding across Egypt on Thursday, killing at least five people … Continue reading

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Study shows migrant teens are more resilient to trauma than other youths

  NSW bushfire crisis survivors find resilience, optimism along road to recovery But despite the devastation and the loss, there is hope — even an opportunity for personal growth. It … Continue reading

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PTSD: Lessons Learned From the Armenia Earthquake

  ‘Be Earthquake Aware and Prepared, Not Scared’, a key takeaway as 2020 National Earthquake Conference Concludes The quadrennial 2020 National Earthquake Conference (#NEC2020), which took place this week in … Continue reading

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7 Hot Facts About the Pacific Ring of Fire

Business Bulletin: How to avoid disaster scams and fraud Natural disasters like tornadoes, flooding, storms, wildfires and hurricanes, often bring out the best in people, as strangers reach out to … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Who will be hit hardest by the outbreak?

How Chile could avoid financial disaster after nature strikes The World Bank and Chilean disaster resilience institute Itrend have started a pilot program to make the country’s infrastructure more resilient. … Continue reading

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Why cyber resilience should be a priority for every business – and how to get there

After Tornado, Nashville Braces for Disaster Capitalism Early on the morning of March 3, hours after a tornado devastated parts of Nashville, Anne Barnett grabbed her chainsaw and got to … Continue reading

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How Resilient Are You at Work?

Office politics most common cause of workplace stress A study of 1,815 employees has found that work-related office politics (37%) are the most common cause of workplace stress, alongside a … Continue reading

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Building resilience key in boosting mental health says wellness event organiser

Human skill and expertise singled out as the most important element of a cyber resilience approach by over 40 per cent of respondents in latest Infosecurity Europe poll More than … Continue reading

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The Year Without Summer review – volcanic tales of changed climate

  Grocery stores can be anchors of resilience during disasters As COVID-19 unfolds across the world, we are reminded of how global our food supply chain has become (e.g., fruit … Continue reading

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Bushfires and the role of general practice

Disasters, planning and Australian tourism Australia’s devastating bushfire season of 2019-2020 highlights our country’s vulnerabilities to the effects of climate change. The events also impact on global perceptions of Australia; … Continue reading

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Most Americans are not prepared for a disaster. Now survival kits are all over Instagram.

How to Achieve Resilient Growth Throughout the Business Cycle The world is currently in the longest business cycle since the National Bureau of Economic Research has kept records. Investors, executives, … Continue reading

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Ecological Existential Dread: We Need to Talk about our Feelings

Ecological Existential Dread: We Need to Talk about our Feelings Just as the smoke disperses from fire-ravaged parts of the world, the spectre of ecological breakdown is creeping into humanity’s … Continue reading

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Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Business resilience is all about planning for the future I look at resilience in a number of different ways, it is not just about cash flow and balance sheets. I … Continue reading

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Bouncing back: How to fail fast and grow your resilience at work

6 ways to become more resilient immediately Emotional “body blows” often come without warning. You’ve made a big mistake. You got fired. You got bad news from a medical test. … Continue reading

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What Machiavelli would do about climate change

Strategies to boost disaster resistance Disaster-resilience strategies for three regions in Queensland have been released as part of the State’s Resilient Queensland in Action plan to address the Sunshine State’s … Continue reading

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