Ugandans should embrace wetlands to rid-off disasters

Pacific women are still being shut out of the decision-making process when it comes to disaster management, a women’s rights advocate says. Image credit: Pacific women take to the streets to be heard. Photo: Supplied Full story:


Severe Flooding Threatens Lives and Futures in Burundi

The torrential rains began in December, triggering landslides and massive flooding across northern Burundi, one of the world’s poorest countries. Roads, bridges and crops have been destroyed, livestock killed and vital water access points washed away. Houses built of mud bricks virtually melted in the rain, leaving hundreds of families with nowhere to go…


Ugandans should embrace wetlands to rid-off disasters

2019 will be remembered for the many disasters that affected different parts of the country with disturbing news of disasters destroying lives and property worth millions of shillings.

Whereas Bududa and Bundibugyo districts were on top of this tragic news, there were many other parts of the country that experienced some form of disaster.

These ranged from rivers overflowing their banks, roofs were blown off houses, crops washed away from gardens to stunted crops due to prolonged waterlogged conditions. According to the media, the country was once again hit hard by serious disasters-mudslides, floods and hailstorms- killing scores of residents and damaged property worth millions of shillings.

Although the number of death toll remained staggering, 30 residents were reported dead in Bududa district, with scores of others missing. Community members could be seen making frantic efforts to save the missing lives believed to be trapped underground but with limited success….





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