The importance of being positive: How to build a resilient business mindset

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Mental health and natural disasters – what should insurers be doing? Full story:


Device inspired by mangroves could help clear up flood water

A novel approach to removing salt from water, inspired by mangrove trees, has been revealed by researchers who say the system could offer an unusual approach to clearing up flood water.

Mangroves, like other trees, employ a system of water transport: it is thought evaporation of moisture from their leaves produces a negative pressure in their water-conducting tissues that helps to draw water into their roots and up their trunks.

This transport relies on surface tension, the fact that water molecules like to interact with the walls of the tissues, and that water molecules exert a “tug” on each other.

Salty water can damage most plants, but mangroves can thrive in salty conditions because they have adaptations including cell membranes that prevent salts from passing through in an uncontrolled manner, as well as cell walls that contain a waxy substance…


The importance of being positive: How to build a resilient business mindset

Everyone has a great idea, but anyone who has the capability to start a business is amazing — you’re already in the minority and doing something that many dream about but do not pursue.

But business owners often struggle to realise how amazing they are, and don’t take time to celebrate the milestones. Ambition leads to self-criticism; success is never enough.

Creating short and medium-term goals helps with this. Celebrate when you reach your target, whether that is bringing in a new client or getting paid. Remember how it feels…

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