Ancient people tried to stop rising seas with spears or fiery boulders

The Bahamas Is Still Coping With Destruction Caused by Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian affected more than 70,000 people in the region.

Why Global Citizens Should Care

Hurricane Dorian has already set back the Bahamas’ economy, caused billions of dollars in property damage, and displaced people from their homes. Natural disasters like Hurricane Dorian are going to get worse as climate change accelerates, and the world’s poor will be the most affected. You can join us in taking action on this and related issues here.

Parts of the Bahamas that were hit by Hurricane Dorian last fall have still not fully recovered.

In the Abaco Islands, some areas “appear untouched” by recovery efforts since the storm hit, CNN reported. Homes on the island are still being rebuilt, and many people displaced from their homes have been unable to return. Utilities, meanwhile, are not expected to be fully restored until the summer…


Ancient people tried to stop rising seas with spears or fiery boulders

ancient people and floods
The Carnac stones on the northwest coast of France Hemis/Alamy Read more:

The last time humans came up against rising seas due to major global warming, they tried to protect themselves by putting up physical barriers and possibly appealing to divine powers to hold back the water.

Following the last glacial maximum 21,000 years ago, Earth warmed by about 3 to 5°C over thousands of years, probably due to a slight change in its orbit that increased sunshine exposure. This melted ice sheets that once covered much of North America and northern Europe and raised global seas by about…


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