The resilience triangle: Relieving global catastrophe losses

Australia’s Bushfires Brought 113 Species Closer To Extinction

kangaroo skull
The United Nations has proposed creating more protected areas, especially in biodiversity hotspots that dot Australia, but such a grand action would require international coordination. Image Credit: A kangaroo skull in the aftermath of the bush fires in Peak View, Australia. (Photo: Getty)

Australia has been through the wringer this year. The disastrous bushfire season has led to a dramatic increase in carbon emissions, crazy conspiracy theories, firefighter deaths, some billions of dollars in damage, and the heartbreaking loss of more than a billion animals. A new report shows how more a hundred species on the continent are in peril as a result of these devastating fires.

On Tuesday, the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment released a list of 113 species with the highest urgent need for conservation action due to the damage they’ve suffered from this tragic situation. The list includes species such as the Kangaroo Island dunnart and Pugh’s frog, both of which are “at imminent risk of extinction,” per the report, because of how much habitat the fires destroyed…


The resilience triangle: Relieving global catastrophe losses

Climate change has risen to the top of the global agenda. For the first time ever, environmental and climate-related risks formed all of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) top five threats to the global economy in the coming decade.

As detailed in the WEF Global Risks Report 2020, which compiles data from 750 risk experts and decision makers around the world, the most concerning long-term risks include: extreme weather events, the failure of climate-change mitigation, major natural disasters, the extinction of animal species, and human-made environmental damage.

With climate change fixed on the radar of corporate and civil risk managers around the world, more and more attention is being turned towards resilience and working out effective measures and solutions for global disaster loss reduction…

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