Catastrophic Fires Released Billions of Tons of CO2 in 2019

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Catastrophic Fires Released Billions of Tons of CO2 in 2019

Australia’s fires emitted 409,700,000 metric tons of CO2 in summer 2019. Fires across the continent burned more than 6 million hectares, including national forests, with smoke reaching as far as Argentina.

Last year’s mammoth wildfires in the Amazon, Indonesia, and the Arctic Circle triggered a global conversation about the environmental and economic consequences of climate change. So it was with shock and still-raw emotion that, as 2020 began, the world absorbed the images of Australia’s devastating bush fires.

These enormous blazes—some the size of a small country—aren’t just destroying native forests and vulnerable animal species. They’re also releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, potentially accelerating global warming and leading to even more fires…

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