71 Cities in Japan At ‘Very High’ Risk of 3-Meter-High Tsunami Within the Next 30 Years

Wikipedia, a source of information on natural disasters biased towards rich countries

The study corresponds to a line of research led by Carlos Castillo, coordinator of the Web Science and Social Computing group (WSSC) at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC), UPF, within the active collaboration it enjoys with the Joint Research Center (JRC), the body that advises the European Commission on scientific and technical issues. The principal investigator is Valerio Lorini (JRC-UPF), a student of the Ph.D. programme in ICT at UPF who is being supervised by Carlos Castillo, with Javier Rando, co-author and student of the UPF bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Engineering in Data Science.

In the management of natural disasters, access to unofficial data offers the opportunity to dispose of different information from that available through other means. It can also serve to detect bias in news content. “We believe that Wikipedia is a valuable, free source of information and that it could be beneficial to researchers working on reducing the risk of disasters if the biases are identified, measured and mitigated,” Castillo asserts.

In their study, the authors focused on the English version of Wikipedia, which they considered by far the most complete version of this encyclopaedia. Wikipedia, an encyclopaedia that is produced collaboratively, contains detailed information on many natural and human disasters, especially when incidents result in a large number of casualties, and its editors…


71 Cities in Japan At ‘Very High’ Risk of 3-Meter-High Tsunami Within the Next 30 Years

The Japan Meteorological Agency uses the three-meter mark as an indicator to announce major tsunami warnings.

On January 24, the Earthquake Research Committee of the Japanese government issued a new report announcing the probability of a tsunami associated with an earthquake in the Nankai Trough (Southern Sea Trough) off Japan’s southeast coast in the near future.

The report states that the likelihood of a large tsunami of more than three meters high hitting areas along the Pacific coast of Japan within the next 30 years is “very high,” including impacts in the Tokai and Kyushu regions.

Scientists hope that the report — which uses the newest tsunami probability data shared by the government for the first time — will contribute to better disaster prevention measures, such as maintaining and updating seawalls…

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