Business’ role in disaster response needs to be planned

Hunger Looms in Madagascar After Torrential Rains Displace More Than 100,000 People

It has been a week since heavy rains swept away parts of Madagascar, but the storm’s overall impact on this Indian Ocean island is likely to be felt for a long time to come for many people.

The torrential rains hit the island on Jan. 22 and lasted for a week. The resultant floods have displaced almost 107,000 people, and have killed 31 people to date…


Miami Is the “Most Vulnerable” Coastal City Worldwide

people walk
People walk to their boat through a flooded parking lot at the Haulover Marine Center before the arrival of Hurricane Dorian on August 30, 2019 in Miami Beach, Florida. Credit: Joe Raedle Getty Images

Florida’s next two decades could be more disruptive than any period in its history as climate change threatens the state’s 8,500-mile coastline and chews away at its $1 trillion economy.

New modeling by Resources for the Future, a nonpartisan economic think tank, reveals that “100-year floods” could occur every few years rather than once a century in many locations, endangering an additional 300,000 homes, 2,500 miles of roadways, 30 schools and four hospitals.

Miami will also become “the most vulnerable major coastal city in the world,” RFF said, with hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under assault from winds, storm surges, coastal flooding and sea-level rise…


Business’ role in disaster response needs to be planned

The Business Council of Australia is to be commended for its focus on long-term disaster assistance and preparedness.

BCA’s Community Building Initiative, supported by The Australian Financial Review, will focus on co-ordinating disaster support from the business community such as providing employment opportunities for volunteers and victims who have lost work as a result of the disasters, additional services for communities, reconstruction support and financial relief. And it will set up an Australian Volunteer Support Trust to be a permanent and ongoing fund to support the children of volunteers who have died fighting these fires and in future disasters…

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