How to recover from a professional disaster

After Drought, Floods Compound Somalia’s Year Of Climate Misery

Omar Dule, 74, who lost his house in the floods, is among those who have taken shelter at a UN displacement camp in Beledweyne Photo: AFP / LUIS TATO

As Somalia withered from drought early this year, and her goats dropped dead from thirst, Maka Abdi Ali begged for rain. When the skies finally opened, nature was unmerciful.

Unrelenting downpours in October turned to flash floods, destroying her meagre home and few remaining possessions, and washing away whatever harvest and bony animals farmers managed to save during the months without rain. “I have nothing now,” 67-year-old Ali told AFP in a squalid camp on the outskirts of Beledweyne in central Somalia. Here, 180,000 people fled the fast-rising waters in the country’s worst floods in memory. The arid Horn of Africa country has always been hostage to climate extremes. Rain is erratic, and drought a feature of life.

But catastrophic weather events are occurring in Somalia with ever-greater fury and frequency, trapping millions in a near-constant cycle of crisis…


Managing Disaster Risk and Water Security: Strategies for Small Island Developing States

There are 38 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the world, located in the Caribbean, Pacific and Atlantic-Indian-OceanMediterranean-South (AIMS) China Sea regions. The SIDS are on the front line of climate change, highly vulnerable to extreme weather events and sea-level rise. These factors, combined with pressure on the limited natural resources that these island nations need to sustain their economies and ensure their populations’ livelihoods, mean that they are the first to be severely affected by global climate variations and water crises.

This briefing presents issues that decision-makers in island nations need to address to craft national or regional strategies for disaster risk reduction (DRR) and water security planning. DRR policies, and the resulting strategies and action plans are the basis for building long-term partnerships…


How to recover from a professional disaster

At the highest level, business is ruthless. There’s many a top flight career grounded by high-profile failure, an unceremonious sacking or a salacious scandal. Most of them are predictable, with the benefit of hindsight.

At the time, it’s different. Suddenly, we are no longer in control of events and disaster strikes. These are the moments which make and break leaders. Some vanish, some survive and some even thrive in crisis: they bounce back stronger than ever…



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