Kids Are Anxious About The Bushfires. Here’s What Parents Should Do.

Brazil: Dozens killed as heavy rains cause floods, landslides

Flooding and landslides leave more missing and thousands displaced [The Associated Press]
At least 30 people have been killed and 17 are still missing after two days of heavy rain led to widespread floods and landslides in Brazil’s southeast, according to civil defence officials.

More than 2,500 people were evacuated from their homes in the hardest-hit Minas Gerais state as the downpours drenched the region over Friday and Saturday.

The deaths were reported in the regional capital, Belo Horizonte, and across the state.

The Brazilian weather service said on Saturday that Belo Horizonte had received 171.8 millimetres of rain in just 24 hours – its biggest total for one day in more than 100 years…


Kids Are Anxious About The Bushfires. Here’s What Parents Should Do.

The horrendous and unprecedented fires that have raged across Australia over the last week have shocked and deeply shaken all of us, but the effect of rolling news coverage and anxiety on children is particularly concerning.

On New Year’s Day, Australia woke to startling imagery of Mallacoota, a small coastal town in north-eastern Victoria, splashed across newspaper front pages and on television screens. Ferocious fires had ripped through the popular tourism destination and its surrounding bushland, with terrified residents forced to seek refuge in the shallow waters of its beaches.

One striking image in particular stood out: 11-year-old Finn Burns in a small boat rowing his family away from Mallacoota’s shores, his face covered in a mask and the sky cloaked in an eerie crimson light….

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