How to handle employee leave if your business has been affected by bushfires

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What Is a Disaster: Guide to What to Do When a Natural Disaster Strikes

Disasters occur every day somewhere in the world. These events vary in scope and intensity and can be detrimental to the people affected.

The biggest problem that most people face is that they aren’t prepared to deal with these catastrophes.

It’s important to know what is a disaster and how it can lead to changes in your life.

Check out this guide on what to do in case a disaster occurs where you are…


How to handle employee leave if your business has been affected by bushfires

Employers directly affected by the bushfires should consider standing down their employees before shutting down business completely, Fairwork Australia says.

According to Athena Koelmeyer, managing director of Workplace Law, while the option to stand down employees in response to a disaster may seem harsh, it is “one of the few things that can provide employers in difficult circumstances a bit of relief, in circumstances where there has to be a stoppage of work where the employer can’t be reasonably held responsible”.

Although the policy is usually reserved for situations such as industrial strikes, there is a provision for natural disasters.

As it stands, the Australian bushfires have destroyed homes and buildings, while major roads are closed off and towns have been evacuated for safety. Some facilities and machinery crucial to business have also been damaged. For example, in Cabramurra, the operational town of Snowy Hydro 2.0, more than half the homes have reportedly been lost, and machinery damaged….


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