NASA Satellites Animate World Path of Smoke From Australia Bushfires

Sea levels in Bangladesh could rise twice as much as predicted

Bangladesh and parts of India could be hit by sea level rise almost twice as high as previously thought due to land subsiding, even if the world takes ambitious action on climate change.

Already prone to flooding and drought, Bangladesh has long been seen as vulnerable to a warming world, with a tenth of the delta that the country occupies just a metre above sea level.

Now an analysis by Mélanie Becker at the University of La Rochelle, France, and her colleagues has found that parts …


NASA Satellites Animate World Path of Smoke From Australia Bushfires

Photo Credit: NASA / Colin Seftor

The Australia bushfires are negatively impacting global weather patterns: A fleet of NASA satellites is working together to study a world path of aerosols and smoke from the natural disaster.

Bushfire conditions, which include historic dryness and extreme heat, have caused a large number of pyrocumulonimbus (pyroCbs) events to develop. PyroCbs, also known as fire-induced thunderstorms, are formed by the uplift of ash and smoke via hot updrafts. Once these materials cool down, some clouds behave like thunderstorms without precipitation…

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