Social connection can build or erode mental health, resilience

Burnout remains a risk for workers of all generations

Flexible working has become an important part of the modern UK economy, with over half of employees taking up a flexible working arrangement. However, Nuffield Health’s latest whitepaper The effects of remote working on stress, wellbeing and productivity has found while remote working is associated with higher workplace wellbeing, it can also present many business challenges including the risk of burnout for an increasingly diverse workforce…


What drives gymnasts to perform under the most challenging conditions?

resilience diagram
Within MFT two types of resilience: the MFT program is an evidence-based approach to building resilience and sustaining success for athletes.

The darling of Indian gymnastics, Dipa Karmakar missed out on a medal at the Olympic Games in 2016, finishing fourth in a packed field of competitors. Very quickly, she became the star of Indian gymnastics and the people were keen to see what would come next. But Dipa and her coach had bigger problems to deal with. One that would seal the fate on whether she could continue her journey in gymnastics. Following the Games, Dipa tore a ligament in her knee that required surgery. No one would have blamed her for retiring and taking a break from the sport. But Dipa was relentless. She worked in the shadows made a surprise comeback for the Asian Games the very next year, following which she also competed at the Turkey World Cup, winning the gold medal on vault…


Social connection can build or erode mental health, resilience

Between 2017 and 2019, the number of individuals reporting mental-health issues has risen by seven per cent, according to Dr. Sam Mikail, psychologist and senior mental-health consultant at Sun Life.

“We haven’t seen an improvement,” he said during a session at Benefits Canada’s 2019 Toronto Mental Health Summit on Nov. 29. “If anything, we’ve seen a deterioration in the nature of people’s mental health in the workplace.”

When options such as workers’ compensation were first introduced, the health and safety initiatives and policies were intended to address physical injury and the impact of physical work, said Dr. Mikail. Today, the nature of work has changed from an emphasis on the physical to the psychological…

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