Indonesia Air Force Using Cloud Seeding Technique to Combat Fatal Flooding in Jakarta

Indonesia Air Force Using Cloud Seeding Technique to Combat Fatal Flooding in Jakarta

As the death toll in Indonesia rises due to major flooding, the country is now cloud seeding in an attempt to combat the rain around Jakarta.

“The seeding, shooting salt flares in an attempt to trigger rainfall, is aimed at breaking up clouds before they reach Jakarta,” Reuters explained.

A common practice in Indonesia, the country’s technology agency, BPPT, and the air force carried out three rounds of cloud seeding on Friday, with more expected when needed, an official said, according to the news wire.

Some of the heaviest rain ever recorded in Indonesia resulted in 43 deaths this week and displaced thousands more around the capital. The floods began on New Year’s Eve and have not let up with some weather reports predicting heavy rains until January 10, with an extreme peak from January 11 to 15….


Local solutions increase agricultural resilience in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

In the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), communities in Yap State’s inhabited atolls and islands are often at risk of experiencing drought, as well as sudden onset disasters including earthquakes, flooding, tsunamis, and typhoons.

With support from USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the College of Micronesia–FSM established the “Adaptive Community Transformation (ACT) on Yap” project to strengthen community resilience to natural disasters. In addition to bolstering disaster risk management policy and water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure, the “ACT on Yap” program introduced a disaster-resilient agricultural technique developed locally by the College of Micronesia–FSM’s Cooperative Research and Extension (CRE).

CRS and CRE worked with 345 farmers in Yap to create and use cocopith, an organic potting soil made from shredded coconut husks, promoting a locally available and appropriate solution to encourage healthy crop growth…


Latest photos of the devastating Australian bushfires

arial shot
A satellite image of Batemans Bay on New Year’s Eve

This week the fires have razed at least 381 homes in New South Wales and 43 in Victoria, with at least 17 people missing. The leader of NSW has declared a week-long state of emergency, starting this Friday. Here are pictures from the past few days…


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