In 2019 Climate Change Made These 15 Natural Disasters Even Worse

In Pictures: 20 Deadliest Natural Disasters of 2019

A man walks among debris at the Mudd neighborhood, devastated after Hurricane Dorian hit the Abaco Islands in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. (Image: Reuters)

Are there gendered impacts to multi-purpose cash transfers intended to build resilience?

Brief from full report “The Gendered Dimension of Multi-Purpose Cash Supporting Disaster Resilience” extracting the specific gendered findings from a study on the impact of an EU funded project that used a “Cash Plus” approach, combining ten monthly multi-purpose cash (MPC) transfers with the rehabilitation of vital community assets and livelihoods skills support…


In 2019 Climate Change Made These 15 Natural Disasters Even Worse

The British charity Christian Aid reports that climate change amplified 15 extreme weather disasters in 2019 that caused at least a billion dollars in damage in each case, and seven of the events on the list cost over $10 billion each.

The list is an interesting window into how different countries bear the brunt of climate change in different ways. The most costly events in terms of damage were California wildfires ($25 billion), Typhoon Hagibis in Japan ($15 billion) and flooding in the American Midwest ($12.5 billion). Further down the list, Cyclone Idai caused just $2 billion in damage, but ultimately cost 1,300 lives in southern Africa.

“The great tragedy of climate change is that it is the poorest and most vulnerable who suffer the most, despite us doing the least to cause it,” said Dr. Adelle Thomas from…


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