Death Toll Rises In Wake of Philippines Typhoon: At Least 28 Dead

Destruction from 15 natural disasters cost $1bn each

Paris — At least 15 natural disasters linked to climate change this year caused damage of over $1bn and seven of them cost at least $10bn, UK charity Christian Aid said on Friday.

This year is set to be the second-hottest year in history and each of the disasters in the report has a link to climate change, Christian Aid said.

“Extreme weather, fuelled by climate change, struck every corner of the globe in 2019. From southern Africa to North America and from Australia and Asia to Europe, floods, storms and fires brought chaos and destruction,” it said.

Assembling its report from official figures, estimates by NGOs and aid bodies, scientific studies and media reports, the UK charity said the disasters displaced millions and caused widespread deaths…


Death Toll Rises In Wake of Philippines Typhoon: At Least 28 Dead

Residents outside their home, damaged by Typhoon Phanfone at Concepcion town, Iloilo province, central Philippines on Friday. Leo Solinap / AP

Typhoon Phanfone, which swept through the central Philippines on Christmas Eve, has killed at least 28 people, leaving large areas in shambles, with thousands losing their homes and livelihoods.

The typhoon, known locally as Ursula, made landfall in the islands on Dec. 24, pounding remote villages and popular tourist destinations.

As of Friday morning, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said 28 people were confirmed dead and another 12 people were still missing. Two people were injured and thousands have been displaced or left homeless.

“The likelihood is present that the casualty count will still increase. We’re hoping against it,” Mark Timbal, an agency spokesman said, according to The Manila Times.

For more than 24 hours, the strong winds, which topped nearly 120 miles per hour, thrashed the Visayas region of the country’s mid-section, as well as the southern part of the island of Luzon…


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