Whakaari/White Island: Will a decade of disaster reshape the ‘she’ll be right’ nation?

Why Climate Advocates Need To Stop Hyping Extreme Weather

climate change kills
MADRID, SPAIN – 2019/12/13: Activists protesting outside IFEMA, where UN Climate Change Conference . LightRocket via Getty Images

Data recently published in The Lancet tells an amazing story about weather-related disasters worldwide over the past three decades. As people around the world have become wealthier, the fraction of that wealth that is destroyed by extreme weather has gone down. This trend holds for rich and poor nations, and remarkably across all types of weather phenomena. It also helps us to understand why the focus on extreme weather among climate advocates is badly misguided.

The new data was published earlier this month in the scientific journal The Lancet, in its annual review of climate change and health. The data comes from the German reinsurance company Munich Re, which tabulates global disaster costs on an annual basis. The authors of The Lancet assessment presented weather-related disasters…


Whakaari/White Island: Will a decade of disaster reshape the ‘she’ll be right’ nation?

They called to their dead before dawn.

As Whakaari/White Island slumbered in the darkness, the boatload of people moored off her shores called across the water to their siblings, their children, their parents.

They called for them to come home, and they called to Whakaari to give them up.

And she did. Some of them.

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