7 things you need to do now to plan ahead for disaster

The worst natural disasters of 2019: From Hurricane Maria to the Haiti Earthquake

A survivor sitting at a damaged area while waiting for news of their family while Indonesian soldiers search for victims at Balaroa village after an earthquake on October 6, 2018, in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. (Source: Getty Images)

The 2010s have been quite the tumultuous decade, even by humanity’s standards, with political unrest and a constantly-growing uneasiness about climate change arguably taking center stage. But even in such times, it would do us good to remember that, in the end, we are on this planet only at its behest. Cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes — it just takes one to forever change the landscape, and there have been warning signs.

These natural disasters often caused unthinkable levels of damages and served as a warning that everything could change within the span of a single day….


7 things you need to do now to plan ahead for disaster

The idea of emergency preparedness is good. But just having an idea is not good enough. Every person — every family — needs a plan in the event of a disaster that could disrupt the normal course of life. But where to start? That’s where most of us get stuck for lack of useful, specific direction. Hopefully, these quick tips will do the trick to get you unstuck and on your way to being disaster-ready….

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