‘It’s like the third world’: tribe feels forgotten as flooding brings misery to a struggling community

Is Climate Change Making You Anxious? Here Are 5 Coping Tips From Psychologists. Full story: https://www.sciencealert.com/is-climate-change-making-you-anxious-here-are-5-coping-tips-from-psychologists


Kenyan flood rescue missions hindered by havoc

Rescue operations in Kenya after heavy flooding are being hindered by damage to roads and bridges.

There are fears the death toll of 120 people may rise when rescue workers finally gain access to remote areas. Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow reports from the capital, Nairobi…


‘It’s like the third world’: tribe feels forgotten as flooding brings misery to a struggling community

Chad Medicine Horn starts each day mopping his bedroom floor and bleaching the walls to kill the fresh black mould.

A few hours later, the floor is once again soaked by groundwater seeping into the converted basement that he shares with his four-year-old grandson. They spend afternoons trying to stop the murky water soaking their double bed and few surviving clothes and toys with squeegee mops donated by the Red Cross. Upstairs, Chad’s mother, Christina Selvin, 75, spends most days on the couch in pain from arthritis and kidney cancer, too sick to escape the toxic mould spores.

“No matter how much I clean, this shit just keeps coming back, it’s ruined all our stuff,” said Medicine Horn, 50, while mopping. “This isn’t healthy, everything stinks, my eyes hurt, we’ve all been sick, it can’t be legal to leave us living like this.” It’s been like this for nine months in the White Swan community on the…


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