Floating bamboo house can halve its size to cope with any disaster

Security attacks: 3 habits of the most resilient companies

What is the difference between a firm that is resilient against cyber threats and one that is vulnerable? What strategies and technologies ensure that a company can continue its day-to-day operations even as it faces a growing list of cyber threats?

When my team started compiling research to develop PwC’s latest Digital Trust and Insights report, we hoped to answer these questions. We expected to find differences between businesses that are resilient and those that are not, but we were surprised to see the stark differences in the actions and strategies taken by the two groups…


Floating bamboo house can halve its size to cope with any disaster

bamboo house
Inspired by turtles, architect EEMY has designed a floating, retractable bamboo house that it says could cope with typhoons, earthquakes and floods.

The 80 sq m triangular structure, called the Delta Project, can shrink to half its size in high winds thanks to foldable bamboo tent poles.

Its triangular shape improves earthquake resilience, while a floating base makes it impervious to flooding. Triangular winged windows can offer shade, or act as drying racks. Delta’s primary structure is comprised of treated bamboo poles with trusses added for stability.

EEMY says Delta’s design is inspired by the way a turtle retracts into the safety of its hard shell when it senses danger. The firm says the structure can be erected within 28 days, for around $8,500.

Delta will be exhibited at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington D.C…

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