Investigating economic, environmental impacts of natural disasters

How Companies Like IBM Are Helping Predict Weather Better With AI. On an average, approximately 60,000 people globally die from natural disasters each year, over the past decade. Full story:


Storm brewing over cyclone insurance proposal

Insurance companies are pressing for stronger action on climate change to deal with soaring premiums for Australians exposed to natural disasters, amid a row over a federal scheme to subsidise cyclone coverage.

The industry is calling on the Morrison government to put at least $200 million a year into major projects such as flood levies to mitigate the impact of climate change, warning that some homes may be “difficult to insure” without action…


Investigating economic, environmental impacts of natural disasters

A University of Texas at Arlington civil engineer is determining how best to assess the costly economic and ecological impacts of natural disasters on industries and waterways around the Neches River basin in southeast Texas. One aspect of the projects involves investigating whether wetlands are capable of filtering out pollutants that commonly enter Texas waterways following extended flooding.

Yu Zhang received two grants from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the General Land Office for $482,529. His work will focus on the impacts around Beaumont.

Under the $294,468 NOAA grant, Zhang is investigating the challenges business and industry along the coast could face in the wake of catastrophic floods, and in particular the challenges related to water supply disruptions. During Hurricane Harvey, for example, the water supply for a number of oil refineries was threatened because of failures at pumping stations…

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