Resilient design in the workplace

In the path of disaster: The big causes of bushfires that most of us are missing

A decade after the deadly Black Saturday bushfires devastated Kinglake, razing entire streets of the rural township north-east of Melbourne, population density in some of the worst-hit areas is now much higher than before the firestorm hit.

Despite the royal commission into the 2009 fires – which claimed the lives of 173 people – recommending against rebuilding in some of the most fire-prone areas, many more residents now live there….


Resilient design in the workplace

resilient design
Kevin Katigbak, senior workplace strategist at Gensler, shared that resilient workplace design needs to include a plan for people and diversity. This means designing for equality, not just accessibility.

We live in a time of constant change: News cycles, weather patterns, technologies, geopolitical and economic considerations moving and morphing faster than ever. All of these factors have significant impacts on our buildings and work environments. And so devising strategies to address this constant change becomes an important task for our city’s designers, architects and technology experts.

According to the Resilient Design Institute, resilient design is the “intentional design of buildings, landscapes, communities, and regions in response to vulnerabilities.” These vulnerabilities include climate change, resource destruction and depletion, and other challenges to human wellbeing. And it is becoming increasingly important to design resilient spaces that can weather these shocks.

When designing and building our environments, how can we become more resilient?…

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