The 21st Century Corporation’s Competitive Edge: Building Stress Resilience

Cyberbullying: Help children build empathy and resilience as their identity develops

Disturbing events related to cyberbullying in recent months and years have raised great concern among parents, youths and educators regarding the everyday lives of children in online spaces —as well as how they develop their capacities to judge right and wrong. Cyberbullying is what happens when bullying plays out online. It’s based on imbalanced power relationships between the perpetrator and the victim, with intent to intimidate, coerce or harm.

According to PREVNet, a network offering research and resources for bullying prevention based at Queen’s and York universities, one in three children admits they have experienced cyberbullying.

Often the first intuitive responses of parents or educators to cyberbullying and online hate is to search for guidelines aimed at restricting the use of particular online platforms, or to reinforce penalties for bad behavior…


The 21st Century Corporation’s Competitive Edge: Building Stress Resilience


Burnout is the hidden and costly crisis in today’s corporate culture, and it’s making headlines all over the world. While people are beginning to understand the personal, human downside of chronic stress and burnout, we are not fully comprehending the universal detriment to the modern corporation. Burnout is costly, with a $300 billion annual revenue loss in the U.S, alone due to absenteeism, sickness, accidents and mistakes attributed to chronic stress. The stakes are already extreme, and companies will continue to experience high turnover and loss of human capital as the pace of…


Maintaining the work/life balance

I have always taken the health and well-being of myself, and my team very seriously. I think that it is even more important in today’s world.

The great thing about technology is that we now no longer have to work in a fixed location, however, this has also created an ‘always on’ culture, blurring the boundaries between life and work. Building up personal resilience and setting and maintaining boundaries is therefore even more important. Setting a time during the week when I switch off my phone and laptop, and limiting use over the weekends is one of the main ways I do this.

I also schedule a gym session at the end of the day to create space between work and life. I love my job and being a parent so having boundaries in place (and trying to stick to them) means I can be focussed and try to give my best to whatever I am working on…

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