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Inner strength: This is the research-backed way to increase grit


Why Resilience Can Make Or Break Your Career: There are strategies that can help you to cultivate resilience and achieve career success. Image: Getty Full story:


New Study Uncovers Gap in Resilience Skills in America

Resilience is the it word of 2019. From the headlines and sound bites on the topic in political, sports, and celebrity news to the focus on health and wellness programs for employees, as well as self-care apps, resilience has entered the American lexicon as yet another personal wellness goal: to have more of it…


Inner strength: This is the research-backed way to increase grit

Ever feel like you just wanna give up on something? How can you develop the inner strength necessary to achieve your long term goals?

Turns out that grit — the perseverance that keeps us going — is a lot more important than you might think. In fact, it’s the best predictor of success among West Point cadets. Stanford researcher Catharine Cox studied 301 eminent historical figures. What conclusion did she come to? Persistence beats smarts…

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